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Is Baking in An Oven Really That Expensive?

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We have all had people tell us that baking in a convection oven is extremely expensive. But is that really the case? Let’s find out!
The team at Dawlance conducted an analysis of the average cost required in baking cake and pizza. The results will shock you! We can safely say that you and your family can now savor all kinds of food and never worry about it being expensive.
Assuming that energy cost per unit is PKR 15, and the amount of time required for baking cake and pizza are 15 minutes and 14 minutes respectively, the cost for the two items depending on the model used are shown on the right.
So, experience the true art of baking with the new range of Microwaves from Dawlance, ready to assist in all your baking needs. Prepare sweet and savory dishes with a cinch to absolute perfection. Enjoy the delicious & mouthwatering baked goods waiting to be prepared. That too in an extremely affordable price.

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