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Is Using Microwave Ovens Really Healthy: What Does Research Say?

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Microwave ovens are a great invention. From cooking meals to heating food to perfection, the appliance has made our lives so much easier. However, this convenience is increasingly being questioned by many. Let us evaluate in detail how healthy Microwave ovens really are.

What are Microwaves?
Let us begin by understanding what microwaves really are. Microwaves are a part of the electromagnetic spectrum used in satellite communications, phones, medical treatments and in households for the preparation of food for cooking and heating.

Do Microwave Ovens Cause Cancer?
People are generally skeptical about microwave ovens. However, microwaves operate using Radiofrequency (RF) on the electromagnetic spectrum. The RF waves from microwaves are more concentrated than everyday radiation but even so it is safely contained within the microwave unit. Microwaves do not use x-rays or gamma rays which are on the higher end of the radiation spectrum. There is no evidence that when used correctly microwaves pose health risk.
However, it is better not to press your face against the window of the microwave and keep at least one – foot distance from the oven.

Do Microwaves Decrease Nutritional Content of Food?
You must have heard many people say that microwaves decrease the nutritional content of food. But is it really the case? Research suggests that all cooking methods reduce the nutritional value of food. However, microwaving generally preserves nutrients better than other methods such as boiling or other conventional methods.
All in all, keeping the features and functions of microwaves in mind, it can be safely said that microwaves are safe for use.


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